How to Get to The Metro Forest in Bangkok + The Best Angle to Take A Selfie

The first thing you wanted to know is; where is this “Green in the City” in Bangkok. Second, what is the best angle to take a selfie? No doubt, the latter is the most important. No further explanation, you’re here because you wanted to take a selfie? Right? Kidding.

Storytelling is incredibly challenging, so I will cut the explanation about the forest and guide you on how to get here:

From any BTS Station to
>Take an Airport Rail Link train
>get off at Ladkrabang Station
>take a short taxi ride
>Tell the taxi driver to;
the Metro Forest Project – “Pa Nai Krung”

Now you are free to hug the trees and breathe in the fresh air.

No Entrance Fee
Opening hours: 9am – 4pm
Map here: Metro Forest


Now here’s the highlight:
Don’t forget to bring a friend (tripod can do if you don’t have any friends 😛), for picture taking of course. No need a good camera, a phone can do its magic as long as you know how to handle it.

You can follow these moves if you want, don’t be shy (for the sake of likes and heart for your Instagram and Facebook).


Guys before you leave, please be a good human being and participate in the activities in planting trees. It’s totally free, you can take home some seedlings as well.

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