How to Get to The Metro Forest in Bangkok + The Best Angle to Take A Selfie

The first thing you wanted to know is where is this “Green in the City” in Bangkok. Second, what is the best angle to take a selfie? No doubt, the latter is the most important. No further explanation, you’re here because you wanted to take a selfie? Right?

Storytelling is incredibly challenging, so I will cut the explanation about the forest and guide you on how to get here:

From any BTS Station to
>Take an Airport Rail Link train
>get off at Ladkrabang Station
>take a short taxi ride
>Tell the taxi driver to;
the Metro Forest Project – “Pa Nai Krung”

Now you are free to hug the trees and breathe in the fresh air.

No Entrance Fee
Opening hours: 9am – 4pm
Map here: Metro Forest


Now here’s the highlight:
Don’t forget to bring a friend, a tripod can do if you don’t have any friends 😛— for picture taking of course. No need a good camera, a phone can do its magic as long as you know how to handle it.

You can follow this aesthetic-style-pose if you want, don’t be shy (for the sake of likes and heart for your Instagram and Facebook).


Before you leave though, please be a human being and participate in the activities in planting trees. It’s totally free, you can take home some seedlings as well.

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