Jim Thompson House: Easiest Way to Get Here

Jim Thompson House

If you love architecture, history, and design, visit the Jim Thompson House Museum in Bangkok, Thailand. Step inside the house of the Thai Silk King’s house museum and discover the beauty within. The American businessman and an architect leave pieces of exquisite collections that symbolize a rich culture of the various country he been to.

Jim Thompson House is not along the road, so here’s a quick guide on how to get here.

From any BTS Station to
>BTS National Stadium Exit one
>walk 5 minutes from exit one
>pass Soi Kasemsan 2 and you will find a signage


Jim Thompson House

Entrance fee is 200 Baht (6.09 USD). I went with a friend, so we paid 400 Baht.

Jim Thompson is the pioneer of the silk industry in Thailand, and in this tour, you will learn further how he mysteriously disappeared while on his vacation in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. The tour guide will guide you for 30min, since then, you can take photos except inside the main house.


Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House

You can check the gift shop just right behind the entrance of the house and their restaurant as well. Enjoy! ^-^




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