Bucari and Imoy Falls, Iloilo Philippines

If you are in Iloilo and love trekking, don’t miss the fun getting here.

From Iloilo City
>take a jeepney/taxi to Jaro Big Market
>Find the San Miguel Jeepney and ask to drop you off in Leon Terminal.
>Leon drivers will guide you to Bucari for 40 min or so.

Bucari Camp Ground
>Tents are available in the entrance
>entrance fee worth 10php, Tents worth 250php
>Ask the person in charge if you need a guide to Imoy Falls.


Take note:
Foods are available at the Campsite, but best to bring your own. And don’t worry, there’s a vehicle available anytime in the morning to travel back to the terminal.

Check the Camp Ground Here.

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